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Blessed are the Honey Bee’s for they pollinate our crops, produce our Honey and provide us the opportunity to learn from their industrious society. Every bee knows their job in the hive and they do it well. Each individual bee works towards the same common goal whether it is


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scouting, repairing, cleaning, pollinating, working in the nursery or taking care of the Queen as she lays the eggs. There are many jobs which keep the hive running smoothly.

Honey has been said to be the nectar of the Gods dating back to ancient Egyptian times. Honey has a beautiful range of golden hue depending on what nectar the Bees have gathered. Thick and luscious to the taste buds, children, and adults can be encouraged to eat almost anything when drizzled with honey. A daughter of Sidney’s discovered this little secret. The honey bees had to work hard to keep up with their needs.

The interest in honey bees has been contagious and most of our children and grandchildren are involved in Bee keeping.  We have been stung, attacked, chased, and swollen still we are fascinated by the bees.  Sidney had the opportunity to observe a grandson “pet the bees”. The small blond haired, grandson sat on the lawn next to the bright and radiant flowers. His tiny finger reached out gently stroked the back of a bee as it was busy gathering nectar from the flowers. He observed one bee even shudder as it was gently stroked.  Blessed are the Honey Bee’s for they allow us a variety of pleasures which come only from nature.

In 2007 Sidney B’s Honey was established in preparation for Sid’s retirement from a 40 year career in the Sheet Metal Trade. Bee keeping was to be something to occupy his time and give him the opportunity to continue learning.  Sidney B. and his wife have lived on the same piece of property in Benjamin for the last 33 years. Benjamin is located in Utah Valley, home to many orchards and alfalfa fields that provide ample forage for the honey bees.

Sidney has been proud to have children, grandchildren horses, rabbits, dogs, cats, sheep and Bees on the property. Sidney B has always taken pride in caring for our animals. The objective was to produce a quality animal or product, keeping things as organic as possible.

Sidney was excited as he helped the bees establish their colonies.  Sidney has put many hours of study into the art of bee keeping and still continues to learn from other bee keepers and publications learning the art of beekeeping.

We soon found a way to utilize the wax gleaned from the hive, making different lotions, foot bars, and lip balm.  Sidney’s skin care products are kept natural without dyes or scents.

There are some extraordinary and fragrant scents that have been added into our line of skin care products for those who love to smell… yummy.  Our lotion bars are designed to heal cracked feet and hands.  Bees wax, Shea butter and vitamin E oil work together to coat and heal problematic skin conditions. The lotion is thick and silky leaving the skin soft and protected.

Sidney B’s Honey has made the commitment to provide quality honey for his consumers by maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our hives. We are committed to delivering quality products, and tasty treats for all our family and friends.


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